Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Shots

Hello friends!

The heat and humidity have arrived in the lowcountry of Charleston, SC.  But that's okay with us because it gives us a reason to relax on our front porch.  We are very blessed to get a nice salt water breeze from the east, which keeps those pesky no-see-um's and mosquitoes at bay.
But we haven't just been sittin' wavin' and sippin'  We've been working too -- well, one of us has anyway (she smiles).

My husband and I have been planning a redo of the front yard this spring.  We're a team!  We choose the plant material together, discuss the design, and he does the heavy work - I supervise (she laughs).  The soil has been amended with gypsum, mushroom compost, and good top soil.  My energetic garden guy literally set one ton of tumbled blue stone for a path on both sides of the front yard to highlight the focal point (a Teddy Bear Magnolia). Golden oregano, chocolate ajuga and creeping juniper skip along the edge of the path.  Beautiful red roses provide a pop of contrast behind the compact hedge of Baby Gem Boxwood.

In the corner Elephant ear, Fox Fern, Hosta, Farfugium Japonicum (the tractor seat plant), with the smaller Leopard Farfugium tucked underneath, and Canna Tropicanna. Lovely Heuchera (Coral Bells) with their cooling stems of delicate white flowers sway in the salt marsh breeze.

Eventually the blue stone path will extend down the side of the house to the backyard.
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The right side of the front garden will have some beautiful Loropetalum as foundation plants which will repeat the design and color from the left side of the front yard.  And to top it off - 400-600 pounds of mulch!  Believe me when I say there has been a lot of Advil in the evenings (she laughs). We intend to extend the boxwood hedge around the Society Garlic in the front to give a more uniformed look.  After that comes the fun part - finding all the small, sweet perennials that are native to coastal Carolina to tuck in and around all the foundation plants.
Find your passion and create something that makes your heart sing today!
Love from my Garden Gate to yours.
Susie ~

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lowcountry Gardens, Porches, and Wildlife

Lowcountry backyard garden
Caladiums (Aaron) mixed with Sky Rocket Variegated Grass, White Linen Torenia, and Muehlenbeckia complexia (Angel or Wire vine)
Sittin'  Sippin' Wavin' Lowcountry Style

Mother Mallard with her ducklings resting among the marsh grass
Beautiful Day stamp set from Altenew and CASE of one of Marika Rahtu's  (Me and Minime Crafting Blog) lovely cards.

Come, sit, stay awhile.
Easter Blessings,

Susie ~

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